Plastic Spoons

Meerkat: What did you do with the plastic spoons, where did you put them? [maniacally flying around kitchen, madly pulling out drawers]

Pug: I don't know. [reading, distracted]

Meerkat: I thought you put them somewhere. [relentlessly searching]

Pug: They're either in the back of that drawer or the other drawer. Why do you need a plastic spoon?

Meerkat: Because when I'm eating yogurt with a metal spoon I can taste the metal.

Pug: You are so weird.

Meerkat: I just really don't like eating yogurt when I can taste metal. Plastic is so much better. It has a neutral taste.

Pug: I just can't believe you are so weird.

Meerkat: Here they are, I found them.

Pug: [ignores comment, realizes internally she did put the spoons in that drawer, but will not admit it to Meerkat - annoyed because trying to read a book and knows it's pointless to respond because both know she moved the spoons, forgot, and didn't 'fess up]

Meerkat: [passive aggressively says in subdued voice] Looks like they're in this bottom drawer. Guess somebody put them down there. [walks over with yogurt cup and plastic spoon]

Pug: I really cannot believe how weird you are.

Meerkat: What's weird about eating with a plastic spoon for certain things? I'm like that with ice cream too, it tastes better with a plastic spoon. That's why when you go to the Dairy Queen and places like that, they have plastic spoons.

Pug: No, it's not. It's because they can't wash a bunch of metal spoons. They don't have that kind of a dishwasher, so they have to use plastic spoons. Maybe we could re-wire your brain so you could use a metal spoon.

Meerkat: What would that involve? One of those exercises from the neuro-plasticity book you're reading?

Pug: Probably making you eat yogurt daily with a metal spoon until you got used to it and it didn't bother you anymore.

Meerkat: I think we should re-wire your brain to eat with a plastic spoon so you know how much better the taste is.

Pug: [self-righteously] No, because I would have environmental guilt. 

Meerkat: That's why I wash the spoons and re-use them.